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Summer Travel Destinations for Healthcare Travelers

Summer Travel Destinations for Healthcare Travelers

We’re excited to share some of our favorite summer travel destinations, handpicked by Uniti Med recruiters. From the charming northern towns of Maine to our hometown of Omaha (we might be a little biased!), there’s something for everyone. Each destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and exciting activities. Get ready to embrace the great outdoors with these four summer travel spots that promise unforgettable experiences.

1. Houlton and Caribou, Maine

Nestled in northern Maine, Houlton and Caribou offer a serene escape with rustic charm. In Houlton, explore Market Square, enjoy local fairs, and visit the Meduxnekeag River. Caribou, the “Most Northeastern City” in the U.S., boasts landscapes ideal for hiking, fishing, and birdwatching. Don’t miss the Aroostook Valley Trail or the Nylander Museum. These towns provide a tranquil retreat with plenty of outdoor activities. Explore jobs in Maine.

2. Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kalamazoo combines rich history with a dynamic cultural scene. Summer brings music festivals, outdoor markets, and lush green spaces. Visit the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, the Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum, or the Kalamazoo Nature Center. The city’s craft beer scene, with numerous breweries, is a must-experience. Kalamazoo’s blend of arts, history, and natural beauty makes it a delightful summer destination. Explore jobs in Michigan.

3. Omaha, Nebraska (College World Series, Zoo!)

Omaha knows how to celebrate summer. Home to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, visitors can explore world-class exhibits. Sports enthusiasts will love the College World Series, a summer highlight. Omaha’s historic Old Market district offers shops, restaurants, and art galleries in charming brick buildings. With its vibrant culture and family-friendly attractions, Omaha is a perfect summer getaway. Explore jobs in Omaha.

4. Northern California

Northern California offers diverse summer experiences, from coastal beauty to towering redwoods. Explore Redwood National and State Parks for a magical atmosphere. Visit Mendocino for scenic cliffs, or Napa Valley for world-renowned wine tours. The region’s mild climate and stunning beauty make it ideal for hiking, kayaking, and exploring quaint towns. Northern California’s mix of natural wonders and cultural richness is unbeatable. Explore jobs in California.

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About Uniti Med: Uniti Med is dedicated to placing healthcare travelers in premier locations across the United States. We take great pride in being recognized as a 2023 Best Staffing Firm to Work For by SIA. We have also received certifications from Great Places to Work in 2023 and 2024, and we were named one of BluePipes’ Best Nursing Agencies for 2023.

Travelers Share: Myths About Healthcare Traveling

Travelers Share: Myths About Healthcare Traveling

Travelers Share: Myths About Healthcare Traveling

Healthcare professionals who are considering a career in travel nursing often come across a number of misconceptions and myths that may discourage them from pursuing this exciting path. To dispel these myths and set the record straight, we reached out to healthcare travelers and asked them to share their experiences. Here are some of their responses:

Myth 1: Travelers Aren’t Treated Well

Tonette, an experienced RN, was quick to debunk this myth. She stated that most healthcare facilities welcome travelers with open arms. Contrary to the belief that they are treated poorly, healthcare travelers are often embraced as valuable additions to the team. Their expertise and fresh perspective are highly valued, leading to a positive and inclusive work environment.

Myth 2: Always Getting the Worst Assignments

Bridget, another RN, revealed that the myth about always receiving the worst assignments is far from true. In reality, healthcare travelers are given a variety of assignments, and the difficulty level varies just like it does for permanent staff. They have the opportunity to work in different departments and gain diverse experiences, which can enhance their skills and professional growth.

Myth 3: It’s All About the Money

Jennifer, an RN, debunked the misconception that healthcare traveling is solely motivated by money. While compensation can be competitive, the true focus for healthcare travelers is on gaining valuable experiences and expanding their professional horizons. They have the opportunity to work in different healthcare settings, learn new techniques, and develop a well-rounded skill set.

Myth 4: Traveling is Easy

A.S, an RN, highlighted the challenges of healthcare traveling. Contrary to the belief that it’s all smooth sailing, healthcare travelers face unique obstacles. They often find themselves alone in a new city, adapting to a different environment, and navigating unfamiliar healthcare systems. This requires flexibility, resilience, and the ability to quickly adapt to new situations.

Myth 5: Traveling Never Gets Tiresome

A travel CNA, CHHA, and phlebotomist pointed out that healthcare traveling can indeed become tiresome. Constantly adapting to new environments, establishing routines, and building relationships can be mentally and physically exhausting. This highlights the importance of self-care for healthcare travelers, as taking care of oneself is essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Despite these myths, healthcare traveling remains an exciting and rewarding career path for many professionals. It offers the opportunity to explore new locations, gain diverse experiences, and make a positive impact on patients’ lives across the United States.

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About Uniti Med: Uniti Med is dedicated to placing healthcare travelers in premier locations across the United States. We take great pride in being recognized as a 2023 Best Staffing Firm to Work For by SIA. We have also received certifications from Great Places to Work in 2023 and 2024 as well as being named on the BluePipes Best Nursing Agencies for 2023.


Nurses Week 2024: Celebrating Nurses Making the Difference

Nurses Week 2024: Celebrating Nurses Making the Difference

During Nurses Week 2024, celebrated from May 6-12, the spotlight shines on the theme “Nurses Make the Difference.” Joining with the American Nurses Association (ANA), we pay tribute to the diverse roles and profound impact nurses have on our lives. As trusted advocates, nurses ensure that individuals, families, and communities receive quality patient care and services. To commemorate Nurses Week, we encourage everyone to participate in the following ways:

(1) Enter Our Giveaway

We firmly believe that nurses deserve recognition every day; however, Nurses Week presents a unique opportunity to express our gratitude. This year, we’re hosting a giveaway where ten lucky nurses can win! We’re giving away nine BrüMate Tumblers and a grand prize of a $100 gift card. The giveaway contest runs from May 6-12. Enter the giveaway here

(2) Celebrate with Us on Social Media

Share the joy of Nurses Week by posting a photo of yourself on a travel adventure and tag Uniti Med. Whether you’re exploring new destinations or enjoying a well-deserved break, we want to celebrate your journey. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn for Nurses Week content and updates.

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper into Nurses Week and why it’s such a meaningful time to honor and celebrate the amazing work of nurses.

History of Nurses Week

Nurses Week traces its origins back to 1954 in the United States, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s pioneering mission to Crimea. Known as the founder of modern nursing, Nightingale’s legacy continues to inspire nurses worldwide. In recognition of her contributions, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) declared May 12th as International Nurses Day, with Nurses Week encompassing the days surrounding this date in the U.S. The Week is marked by many activities, including special events, educational initiatives, and community outreach programs. Many brands and organizations show their appreciation through discounts, offers, and freebies. Whether enjoying a cup of coffee or treating yourself to a new outfit, Nurses Week is the perfect occasion to celebrate and pamper yourself.

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In addition to festivities, Nurses Week serves as a platform for raising awareness about the nursing profession and promoting its importance in healthcare. Educational programs, scholarships, and community engagement initiatives contribute to fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the vital role nurses play in our lives.

Thank You, Nurses!

At Uniti Med, we extend heartfelt appreciation to all nurses for their commitment and dedication, not only during Nurses Week but every day of the year. We value the partnership we have with nurses in safeguarding community health and wellness. To all the nurses out there, thank you for making a real difference in the lives of others. We appreciate you.

Considering a travel nursing journey? Our experienced recruiters are here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to explore exciting opportunities and take your nursing career to new places.

Uniti Med Honors Nurse with Daisy Award 

Uniti Med Honors Nurse with Daisy Award 

We are thrilled to announce Paul Rendon, LPN, as our most recent Daisy Award honoree. Paul’s commitment to excellence began as a traveler with Uniti Med, evolving into a permanent role at a Long Term Care facility in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. His dedication, leadership, and adept approach have influenced our community, and we are honored to acknowledge his outstanding work.

What is The DAISY Foundation?

The DAISY Foundation Award is a prestigious accolade that honors nurses for their extraordinary contributions to healthcare. Established in memory of Patrick Barnes, the award was created by his family to show appreciation for the nurses who provided care in his last days. The DAISY Award celebrates the exceptional, yet often overlooked, work of nurses.

Praise for Paul

Paul Rendon, LPN, DAISY Award Honoree – April 2024

Paul’s colleagues and patients highly praise his dedication and character:

“Paul Rendon is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is passionate about his profession and goes the extra mile to make a personal connection. Paul’s dedication, leadership, and skillful care has been recognized by the communities he serves.”

“Paul exemplifies extraordinary compassion, integrity and courage in every situation no matter how stressful it may be. He consistently demonstrates excellence to his peers in delivery of patient care. In his role as a seasoned nurse, Paul has shown incredible leadership skills by taking on the responsibility to coach and train those new to nursing.”

In addition, Paul has received numerous compliments from residents under his care.

“Paul is fun, active, lots of smiles, great attitude, fast working, attentive, great listener!”

“So appreciate his enthusiasm and dedication to his profession. He brings a ray of sunshine every day and a smile to my face! Thank you, Paul.”

“Best of the best!”

From everyone at Uniti Med, congratulations, Paul! Your dedication, compassion, and leadership significantly impact those around you. We thank you for your exceptional care and devotion to nursing. Here’s to celebrating your achievements and the positive impact you make in the lives of your patients, their families and the communities you serve.

Nominate a Nurse

Know a Uniti Med nurse deserving of recognition? Nominate them for the DAISY Award

About Uniti Med: Established in 2021, Uniti Med is dedicated to placing healthcare travelers in premier locations across the United States. We take great pride in being recognized as a 2023 Best Staffing Firm to Work For by SIA. We have also received certifications from Great Places to Work in 2023 and 2024 as well as being named on the BluePipes Best Nursing Agencies for 2023. For further information about Uniti Med, please visit our website at

Uniti Med Wins Two Awards at SIA’s Executive Forum

Uniti Med Wins Two Awards at SIA’s Executive Forum

Uniti Med is excited to share that for the second consecutive year they have been included on SIA’s prestigious list of Best Staffing Firms to Work For 2024. For the first time Uniti Med was also named on the SIA list of Best Staffing Firms to Temp For 2024. These recognitions are a testament to the dedication and hard work for our team, and we’re incredibly proud to receive this honor.

Chris Sund and Chad Crawford accept Uniti Med's awards at the SIA Executive Forum.

CSO Chad Crawford and President & COO Chris Sund accepted Uniti Med’s awards at the SIA Executive Forum in Las Vegas.

SIA’s Leading Global Research

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) serves as a leading global research and advisory firm specializing in staffing and workforce solutions. During the annual Executive Forum North America conference, SIA unveils its respected list of Best Staffing Firms to Work For winners. The rankings are derived from data provided by the employees and temporary staff of these organizations. President and Chief Operating Officer, Chris Sund, alongside Chief Sales Officer, Chad Crawford, represented Uniti Med at this year’s conference held in Las Vegas, where they proudly accepted the awards. Uniti Med placed in the category designated for staffing firms with 51-200 employees.

Making a Real Difference

“Being acknowledged as one of the Best Staffing Firms to Work For and one of the Best Staffing Firms to Temp For in North America was a special moment for Uniti Med.” Chris Sund, President and COO of Uniti Med celebrated, “Hearing our name announced among so many remarkable companies filled us with pride and gratitude. It truly is a privilege to work alongside such outstanding individuals every day. Working with such an amazing team and making a real difference for our healthcare professionals every day is an honor.”


Participation in the Program

Data was collected from over 400 firms that sought participation in the program in 2024. Internal employees received a 40-question online survey that measured six key categories. The categories that were focused on were trust in leadership, communication and resources, manager effectiveness, personal engagement, team dynamics and individual needs. The selection of the winning staffing firms was solely based on the survey outcomes.

Exceptional Teamwork

Chief Sales Office, Chad Crawford was elated to hear the news. “Winning SIA’s Best Staffing Firms to Work For and the Best Staffing Firms to Temp For  awards is a testament to the dedication and exceptional teamwork at Uniti Med. It reaffirms our commitment to excellence in the staffing industry to both our internal employees and our travelers.”

Uniti Med’s award-winning culture is renowned, earning numerous workplace accolades both locally and nationally. Most recently, Uniti Med was certified as a Great Place to For and a Baird Holm Best Places to Work list for the second year in a row. Fortune Magazine’s Best Workplaces in Healthcare for 2023, ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing – Talent Satisfaction, and BluePipes – The Best Travel Nursing Companies 2023.

To view Uniti Med’s full portfolio and see firsthand the impact Uniti Med is making in the health care staffing industry, visit





Make Life on the Road Comfortable: Tips from Fellow Travelers

Make Life on the Road Comfortable: Tips from Fellow Travelers

Life on the road is both thrilling and challenging. As nomads, finding comfort becomes a priority. So, we asked travelers to share their best tip for making life on the road more comfortable. From self-care routines and downsizing to the humble pillow (an overwhelming must-have item), here’s what you said…

15 Travel Tips from Travelers


1. Establish a Self-Care Routine:

“Having a solid routine for self-care.” — Lauren, RN

2. Downsize for Mobility:

“Downsize so it’s easier to move everything.” — Kate, RN

3. Connect with Colleagues:

“Meeting who you work with and getting out with them.” — Tammy, medical assistant

4. Welcome Visitors:

“Have friends and family come for visits. Get out and go explore together.” — Robin, nuclear medicine

5. Personal Comforts Matter:

“Bring your pillow from home.” — Angela, RN

“Own pillows and blankets!” — Annette, RN

“Bring a pillow or blanket from home.” — P.B., RN

“Taking something from home to keep with you. My favorite is my blanket because it makes me feel home and safe.”— Letoria, medical technologist

“Take things that are familiar to you – a favorite pillow or blanket that brings you comfort.” — Kelli, radiology/CT

6. Prioritize Comfort in Accommodation:

“Spend more on housing for all the amenities that make it feel like home.” — Krista, RN

7. Utilize Hotel Rewards:

“Get a hotel chain credit card to enjoy nicer rooms, earn points, and receive more perks during your stays.” — Nichole, RN

8. Stay Organized:

“Pack light and roll your clothes into your suitcase instead of folding them to save space.” — Casey, LPN

9. Embrace Community:

“Get involved! Hang out with other nurses and make friends on Bumble Friends, which usually has people new to the city as well.” — A.S., RN

10. Prepare for the Unexpected:

“Be prepared for the unexpected and roll with the punches.” — Bridget, RN

11. Create a Homey Atmosphere:

“Pack special ‘homey’ items like pictures, candles, and favorite blankets to combat loneliness.” — L.P., RN

12. Research Before You Go:

“Being prepared, do your research before you take an assignment. I always look at the city, crime, housing situation.” — Estia, LPN

13. Childcare Considerations:

“If you are traveling with children like I usually do, the best childcare is state-monitored in-home daycares. They are more accommodating to nursing schedules. Just do your research and check references.” — Courtney, LPN

14. Travel Light:

“Pack light and only bring essentials. You’ll be surprised by how much you can live without.” — Alex, radiologic technologist

15. Stay Positive:

“Maintain a positive attitude and be prepared to make the best of whatever you’re doing.” — Estia, LPN

Additional Tips:

  • “It could be helpful to bring a box of basic kitchen utensils!” — Alex, radiologic technologist
  • “Pack accordingly. Find a place that is clean and furnished with great landlords.” — Kathy, LPN
  • “Stay humble.” — Annette, LPN

So, there you have it! We hope these traveler tips are useful. Safe travels, and whatever you do, don’t forget your pillow!

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About Uniti Med 

Uniti Med is a healthcare staffing company committed to providing staffing services with heart. We pride ourselves in meticulously matching healthcare professionals’ talents to open needs in nursing, cardiopulmonary, laboratory, radiology, long term care, cath lab, therapy and locum tenen. 

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