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Are you ready to start a new adventure? Whether you’re an experienced traveler in search of a new travel nursing agency, or a staff RN exploring a more interesting career path, being a traveling nurse can be incredibly rewarding.  Uniti Med Partners is a medical staffing agency dedicated to helping our employees find travel opportunities in premier locations across the United States.  We are focused on being a true companion to you as you work and explore. We believe in matching you with the perfect nursing jobs – wherever they may be!


Traveling Nurse Benefits


If you’re new to the concept of supplemental staffing you will be interested to know traveling nurses have the capacity to earn more than their traditionally employed peers, often by more than 15% per hour. This extra income can allow for newfound personal time between assignments to recharge or spend time with family and friends.

Uniti Med Partners also offers a generous benefits package to our traveling nurses. These benefits move with you wherever you are – from major metro areas to small town rural communities:

  • 401k – all travelers are eligible for an aggressively vested 401k plan! We don’t punish you for taking time off – when you’re ready for a new contract, you’re right back into the plan.
  • Medical, dental & vision insurance with up to 60% of premiums covered
  • Up to $700 referral bonus


Experienced Recruiting Staff


Our exceptional recruiters and support staff are passionate about creating a positive, memorable experience for all our traveling nurses. This starts with our access to the top available travel nursing jobs around the country, but it certainly doesn’t end there. They are there to support you throughout your journey, from trip prep to your last day. They’ll also be working on finding your next great job opportunity!

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