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As an award-winning medical staffing agency, our team specialized in helping medical professionals make a seamless transition to travel assignments. Looking to start traveling or work on our team? Check out these frequently asked questions and contact us to learn more!

Traveler FAQs

Are you ready to become a traveler?

Deciding to pack your bags and take your career on the road can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make both professionally and personally. But this career move can bring big changes. Below are some questions we get on a regular basis.

How long is a typical assignment?

Typically, our assignments span 13 weeks in duration. While shorter 8-week assignments are occasionally available, the majority of our assignments follow the 13-week timeline.

How long do I have before I start an assignment?

If you are a novice traveler, there will be a series of paperwork, testing, and compliance measures to complete before embarking on any new assignment. The processing time for these requirements is generally around 2 weeks, contingent on your promptness and the swiftness with which you provide your Recruiter the necessary information. However, if your compliance information is current with Uniti Med, we can start submitting your profile 4-5 weeks ahead of the assignment start date.

What kind of benefits does Uniti Med offer to travelers?

At Uniti Med, we provide a comprehensive benefits package that encompasses a 401K plan, medical, dental, and vision insurance, EAP program, CEU reimbursement, referral bonuses, round-trip mileage reimbursement, and more. Visit our Traveling with Benefits page to learn more about the perks we offer.

What kind of pay can I expect from an assignment?

Compensation is based on several considerations, including the facility, position, and geographic location. To inquire about the pay scale and your desired position, please contact one of our recruiters at 402-364-0901.

What type of facilities do you work with?

Uniti Med collaborates with an assortment of healthcare facilities located throughout the United States. Our current partners include hospitals, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, home health, laboratories, imaging centers, therapy clinics, and rural hospitals.

What modalities does Uniti Med staff?

We staff nursing, therapy, cardio, lab, radiology, long term care, home health and advanced practice positions.

Will I be passed around from recruiter to recruiter?

At Uniti Med, we prioritize fostering a strong rapport between you and your recruiter. We understand the significance of building this connection so that you can collaborate directly with them in searching for your next assignment, regardless of your preferred destination. By doing so, your recruiter can gain deeper insight into your motivations for traveling and your objectives, enabling them to pursue opportunities that align with your aspirations. This approach guarantees that your recruiter always has your best interests in mind and can identify assignments that precisely match your requirements.

I have a family, is it possible to travel with them?

Certainly, traveling with your family is indeed possible. However, it requires careful planning and coordination with your recruiter to ensure that you have the appropriate accommodations. Despite the challenges, many travelers successfully bring their loved ones with them to enjoy the adventure together.

What about my pet, can they travel too?

Certainly, you can bring your beloved pets with you on your travels. It is essential to inform your recruiter of this requirement and that you secure pet-friendly lodging for your stay. Some housing may only let you bring a pet of a certain size.

I've never traveled before, what are the first steps to getting started?

To initiate the process, the first step is to consult with a Uniti Med recruiter. They possess comprehensive knowledge of the travel healthcare industry and can provide invaluable insights to assist you in determining whether it is suitable for you. They can also offer guidance and support to help you identify your objectives and decide how to proceed with your career as a travel healthcare professional.

Corporate FAQs

Considering a career in recruiting?

When you join Uniti Med you aren’t just joining a company, you’re joining a community of individuals who understand our travelers are paramount to our success. Read on to determine if Uniti Med might be a good fit for your next career move!

How can I get started as a recruiter?

Having a background in sales can be an excellent qualification for pursuing a career as a recruiter. To start the application process, simply submit your application online and our team will reach out to you soon.

Is the home office in the office, hybrid, or work from home?

While the majority of our team works on-site every day, our flexible work environment enables you to attend appointments, school events, and other commitments. Additionally, there are occasional opportunities to work from home. As our recruiters and support staff gain more experience, they can work towards transitioning to a fully remote work arrangement. If you are coming from the healthcare staffing industry with a lot of experience, we allow you to work fully remote.

Do you have any ERG groups at Uniti Med?

Our company currently hosts three Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – Diversity & Inclusion, Pride Partners, and Health & Wellness. These groups convene regularly, offering fresh and new opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

What are the values at Uniti Med?

Uniti Med upholds a set of fundamental principles that guide our actions: Integrity, Respect, Community, and Grit. These values serve as the foundation for our decision-making processes, whether it be for our business operations or the well-being of our travelers.

What are the top reasons that people join the Uniti Med team?

A significant number of our team members sought a company that offered both flexibility and transparency in their work environment. Uniti Med provides an opportunity to excel in your career while also embracing the responsibilities of parenthood. Our flexible work-life policy ensures that you can be present for important appointments, school events, and personal commitments without compromising professional growth. Coupled with our core values, we strive to operate our business with utmost honesty and dependability. We actively encourage feedback from our employees, and it is not uncommon to hear them say, “There is truly no place like Uniti Med!”

Locum FAQs

What are the benefits to being a 1099 locum provider?

1099 contractors on average almost double the wage of a W-2 employee. More flexibility and control of your schedule. Expand your skill set, from caseloads, to settings and regional healthcare differences and charting, there is always something to learn.

How long does it take to get credentialed at a new hospital?

First, we have the best credentialing gals who help with most of the paperwork. Typically credentialing takes about 30-90 days depending on the facility.

Do you work with anesthesia providers that work as a locum full-time?

Yes, many of our providers work full-time as a locum and LOVE the flexibility and experience working at different facilities. They often say how much better their work/life balance is now that they are a locum full-time.

Do facilities cover lodging and travel expenses?

Most facilities we work with cover lodging and travel expenses including airfare and car rentals.

Does your agency help with placement for full-time jobs or just locum jobs?

We help with permanent full-time placement and locum jobs, in fact many of our jobs offer both which allows the provider to “try out” the job before committing to the full-time position.

More Questions?

Our recruiters are happy to help! Contact our team to learn more about how to become a traveling medical professional.