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Uniti Med’s TravCon 2023 Lineup: Party, Music and Networking

The countdown to TravCon 2023 is underway, and excitement is building! Here’s preview of what we have in store:  

Poolside Party and 90s Nostalgia

Join us for some fun in the sun during Uniti Med’s Pool Party at Paris Hotel on Sunday, Sept. 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Relax by the pool, enjoy a drink courtesy of Uniti Med and connect with fellow travelers before the conference events kick off.

Secure your spot by registering here.  

Can’t attend the pool party? Stop by Uniti Med’s TravCon booth #217 to say hello and join the fun.  

We are looking forward to seeing you there! And to get everyone in the groove, check out our TravCon 2023 Spotify playlist, packed with throwback tunes including some of our team’s favorites. Curated by our very own recruiters David McCoy, with help from Molly Nicola.  

Last but certainly not least, we are excited to introduce you to our rad Uniti Med TravCon squad! They’re ready to address your travel-related questions or engage in discussions about 90s music – whichever strikes your fancy. So, without further ado, allow us to introduce our TravCon squad!


From 90s Music to Travel Tips: Meet Uniti Med’s TravCon Team


Mackenzie Fischer, BSN, RN – Nurse Recruiter

“I’m looking forward to spending time with our amazing travelers and seeing what TravCon is about!”  

Mackenzie’s go-to 90s music artist is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  

A piece of advice she would like to share: “Never be scared to take the leap by yourself. You never know how strong you are until you are alone.”


Justin Jacob, BSN, RN – Nurse Recruiter, Team Lead

“I am looking forward to making meaningful connections with potential travelers and joining them on their traveling journey.”  

His favorite 90s music artist? Nirvana.   

And when it comes to travelers, Justin advocates for cherishing the rare recruiters who truly have your back. “Once you find a recruiter you trust and who goes to bat for you, hold onto them! They are few and far between.”  



Levi Anderson – Long Term Care Recruiter, Team Lead 

“I am looking forward to meeting both current and future travelers.”  

As for his favorite 90s artist, it’s got to be Red Hot Chili Peppers and his go-to on Spotify is 90s HITS | TOP 100 SONGS. If it does not have to be 90s music, his favorite would be Summer House 2023.  

His advice to travelers: “Ask questions and communicate about everything! We’re here to help navigate everything and get you what you’re looking for.”

Photo: Levi with his dog and Uniti Med Cuteness Coordinator Eevee


David McCoy – Nurse Recruiter, Team Lead 

Reflecting on past TravCon experiences, David shared what he enjoyed most:

“Meeting great people who shared their cool travel stories and experiences was a highlight.” 

His 90s music preference? The legendary Wu-Tang Clan and 90s East Coast hip-hop.

And his advice to travelers? “Don’t hold back – go places, explore, and do cool stuff.”  



Chris Sund – President and COO 

Chis is eager to attend TravCon: “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with our amazing travel nurses and healthcare professionals, gaining feedback and insights into their experiences as well as the latest industry trends.” 

When it comes to 90s music, Blink 182 takes the cake.  

His advice for travelers?  “Dive into the area you are traveling to and expand the geography by a 2 to 3-hour drive. Research the area and find out what it has to offer. There are hidden gems all over the country waiting to be discovered. The best part of traveling is the adventure that comes with it. Take time to see what there is and make those lifelong memories.” 


Mary Springer – Cardio/Lab/Radiology Recruiter, Team Lead   

Remembering her last TravCon experience, Mary said: “I loved being able to talk to all the different travelers and meet everyone. I am excited to go again this year and meet even more new travelers!”  

Mary’s favorite 90s artist is Britney Spears, but she admits she is not a huge 90s music fan. Editor’s note: Find her at booth #217 to file a complaint or convince her otherwise! 

Her traveler advice? Choose recruiters that you trust and have chemistry with.



Chase Bobier – Therapy Manager

“I’m looking forward to connecting with the many therapy travelers, answering questions about travel, the market and anything else I can help with! I’m also excited about networking with potential clients and helping to provide top-notch therapists to them!” 

The Offspring and Blink-182 hold a special place in his 90s music collection.  

Chase emphasizes asking plenty of questions heading into interviews. “Remember, travel contract interviews are an opportunity for you too. The clearer the picture, the better the contract experience.” 


We can’t wait to see you!

The Uniti Med TravCon squad is ready to make this event a great one. 

RSVP now for the pool party to save your spot.

If the pool party’s not your scene, booth #217 is where you will find us and our celebrity cutout friends. 

TravCon, here we come!