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Uniti Med Voted Best Places to Work in Omaha 2023

Baird Hold LLP Best Places to work in Omaha award

Uniti Med is thrilled to announce its inclusion in the 2023 Best Places to Work in Omaha list, an annual program created by Baird Holm LLP to help local employers gauge their employees’ engagement through an online survey. Studies have shown that engaged employees tend to stay longer with their employers, provide better customer service, and contribute more to their companies. The survey covers various aspects of the workplace, including morale, environment, engagement and opportunities, management, and co-workers. 

Chad Crawford, VP of Sales at Uniti Med, stated, “Omaha is filled with numerous outstanding companies, so being recognized as a Best Place in Omaha winner is an immense honor. As a company that leads with heart, we prioritize people by investing in and empowering them to be their best. Therefore, having our employees rate us as one of the Best Places in Omaha is the most significant compliment. We value their hard work, dedication, and impact on Uniti, the community, and healthcare staffing. Our concern for our colleagues does not end at the close of business hours, and we establish lasting relationships that extend beyond Uniti Med’s walls.” 

As a component of the survey, every employer obtains personalized survey outcomes that offer significant input to determine areas requiring improvement, modifications, and strengths. This feedback is essential as it can be transformed into actionable measures to effect change and provides an excellent overview of what is functioning well. In May, a luncheon will be held to bestow awards and acknowledge all the winners. 

“Uniti Med has had exponential growth over the last year. In January of 2022, we had 25 internal employees, and we grew to 100 today.” Said COO, Chris Sund. “We invested early on into our employees by hiring a Director of Culture as one of our first leadership roles. Micaela Zimmer works with our employees to make sure we are collaborating with them and listening to their feedback to improve our company. If we want to maintain a great culture, we have to always keep a focus on how we are going to improve it. Every employee has a different view on what matters to them, so we work to get to know them and what matters to them.” 

“Uniti’s employees are the cornerstone of our organization. As Maya Angelou famously stated, ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ For us, fostering a positive workplace culture goes beyond simply providing fun activities and treats. We strive to ensure that every team member feels heard, valued, appreciated, and leads with heart.” Said Micaela Zimmer, Director of Culture. “When a company demonstrates a genuine concern for the well-being of its people, the results can be truly transformative. While awards and recognition are certainly appreciated, the greatest accomplishment is knowing that our employees leave work each day feeling important and recognized as the key to Uniti’s success. It allows us to connect with hearts, our customers, our travelers, and the communities that we serve.” 

Founded in 2021, Uniti Med is a medical staffing company committed to placing travelers in top-tier locations across the United States. What began as a small corporate office in the heart of Omaha has grown to include more than 100 employees in just two years. We take great pride in being recognized as 2023 Best Staffing Firms to Work For by SIA and are thrilled to have also earned certification through Great Places to Work and Best of Omaha in 2023. For more information on Uniti Med, please visit our website at