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Why You Should Attend TravCon

Why You Should Attend TravCon

What is TravCon?

Thinking if you should attend TravCon? Every year in Las Vegas, hundreds of healthcare professionals gather for a conference called TravCon. TravCon is the largest traveling healthcare conference; it provides opportunities for healthcare travelers (like you!) to connect with travelers met on assignment, grow their professional network, and learn from industry leaders. This year TravCon will be held from September 17 through the 20th at the Paris Las Vegas! Come to Vegas to see old friends, make new ones, and learn more about the healthcare industry!


Hundreds of people make the trip to TravCon to build their professional network, and you should too! TravCon will be filled with people who have been in the industry for years and people who are just starting out—you can network with a variety of professionals to import your knowledge or learn from those with more experience. It is a great opportunity to grow your traveler community. You can also meet up with friends you made on assignment! Read this traveling therapist talk about their experiences at TravCon:

“I can text all of my friends and let them know to meet me at TravCon; and they come! TravCon is where I feel like I’m surrounded by my people.”

You can meet up with friends for food and drinks while you listen to speakers, talk to recruiters, and explore Los Vegas!


Continuing Education credits (CE credits). You can earn CE credits for attending the conference and sessions. From ANCC and PTBC credits to AARC and SDMS credits, there are many opportunities to earn CE credits. CE credits will help you maintain your licenses and certifications or advance your career!

You will also be able to keep up with the industry standard as it evolves and changes through the years. You can listen in on sessions about the traveling lifestyle, financial savviness, or earn a certification.

Traveling agencies

Uniti Med table at TravCon

TravCon is full of healthcare travel agencies! You can learn more about what different agencies offer their travelers and decide which one aligns best with your goals. There will also be plentry of agency sponsored events! You can meet with your agency or a new agency offsite for free tours or free food and drink! Agencies will also be handing out free merch to conference goers, so you could pick up some cool shirts, bags, or high value items!

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