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Using Technology to Meet Client Needs

Providing Cutting-Edge Support

The past several years have created systematic shifts in the way healthcare facilities operate. Demand for care and staffing is constantly fluctuating. In an effort to meet this need, Uniti relies on Healthcare commercial intelligence (HCI) to effectively match facility staffing needs with qualified travelers. HCI is a new category of software that organizes the web of data surrounding healthcare systems. This information helps our recruiters identify staffing gaps and find the right candidates to fill each role. It also helps us equip our travelers with the information they need to hop on an assignment and hit the ground running. Uniti COO, Chris Sund provides insight into how Uniti is using HCI to provide cutting-edge service to its facility partners. 


If you are interested in learning more about Definitive Healthcare visit their website If you are a facility looking for a partner who can integrate into your systems and provide instantaneous support please contact our team for more information!