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Make a Difference, Earn Rewards: Uniti Med’s Referral Program

Have you crossed paths with nurses and healthcare professionals on the lookout for fresh opportunities or improved pay? Guess what? You now have the power to light up positive change within your network.

We believe that when exceptional talent mingles with more of its kind, great things happen. That’s why we’ve adopted the Law of Attraction, a fancy way of saying awesome people attract other awesome people. And guess what else? We’ve created a referral program that doesn’t just boost our network, but also rewards those who play a part in expanding it.

So, when you point friends and colleagues towards Uniti Med, you’re not just connecting them to exciting new opportunities and grand adventures. You’re also unlocking some sweet rewards for yourself.

How It Works 

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Fill out our online Referral Form, and one of our recruiters will get in touch. 
  2. Already have a Uniti Med recruiter? Just reach out to them directly. They will provide you with your own referral link to share.  
  3. When your referral kicks off an assignment with us, you earn $700 per successful referral.

We’re all about those good vibes and meaningful connections. Rest assured, we’ll make sure both you and your referral have a seamless journey with us.

As Rose, a Uniti Med traveler, shared: “I loved my recruiter before Stephanie Dine, and the relationship we had, and I love my recruiter now, McKenna Doyle. I also like the bonuses because I refer a lot of people to y’all.” Rose’s words reflect the heart of our program – it’s not just about perks, but also growing and nurturing connections that lead to success. 

Ready to Drive In? 

Don’t wait! Click the referral form or contact your recruiter today. Together, we’re building a brighter future for healthcare, one referral at a time.

Explore job opportunities available with Uniti Med or have one of our recruiters reach out to you!