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Make Life on the Road Comfortable: Tips from Fellow Travelers

Life on the road is both thrilling and challenging. As nomads, finding comfort becomes a priority. So, we asked travelers to share their best tip for making life on the road more comfortable. From self-care routines and downsizing to the humble pillow (an overwhelming must-have item), here’s what you said…

15 Travel Tips from Travelers


1. Establish a Self-Care Routine:

“Having a solid routine for self-care.” — Lauren, RN

2. Downsize for Mobility:

“Downsize so it’s easier to move everything.” — Kate, RN

3. Connect with Colleagues:

“Meeting who you work with and getting out with them.” — Tammy, medical assistant

4. Welcome Visitors:

“Have friends and family come for visits. Get out and go explore together.” — Robin, nuclear medicine

5. Personal Comforts Matter:

“Bring your pillow from home.” — Angela, RN

“Own pillows and blankets!” — Annette, RN

“Bring a pillow or blanket from home.” — P.B., RN

“Taking something from home to keep with you. My favorite is my blanket because it makes me feel home and safe.”— Letoria, medical technologist

“Take things that are familiar to you – a favorite pillow or blanket that brings you comfort.” — Kelli, radiology/CT

6. Prioritize Comfort in Accommodation:

“Spend more on housing for all the amenities that make it feel like home.” — Krista, RN

7. Utilize Hotel Rewards:

“Get a hotel chain credit card to enjoy nicer rooms, earn points, and receive more perks during your stays.” — Nichole, RN

8. Stay Organized:

“Pack light and roll your clothes into your suitcase instead of folding them to save space.” — Casey, LPN

9. Embrace Community:

“Get involved! Hang out with other nurses and make friends on Bumble Friends, which usually has people new to the city as well.” — A.S., RN

10. Prepare for the Unexpected:

“Be prepared for the unexpected and roll with the punches.” — Bridget, RN

11. Create a Homey Atmosphere:

“Pack special ‘homey’ items like pictures, candles, and favorite blankets to combat loneliness.” — L.P., RN

12. Research Before You Go:

“Being prepared, do your research before you take an assignment. I always look at the city, crime, housing situation.” — Estia, LPN

13. Childcare Considerations:

“If you are traveling with children like I usually do, the best childcare is state-monitored in-home daycares. They are more accommodating to nursing schedules. Just do your research and check references.” — Courtney, LPN

14. Travel Light:

“Pack light and only bring essentials. You’ll be surprised by how much you can live without.” — Alex, radiologic technologist

15. Stay Positive:

“Maintain a positive attitude and be prepared to make the best of whatever you’re doing.” — Estia, LPN

Additional Tips:

  • “It could be helpful to bring a box of basic kitchen utensils!” — Alex, radiologic technologist
  • “Pack accordingly. Find a place that is clean and furnished with great landlords.” — Kathy, LPN
  • “Stay humble.” — Annette, LPN

So, there you have it! We hope these traveler tips are useful. Safe travels, and whatever you do, don’t forget your pillow!

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