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Ross Colburn

Nurse Recruiter

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Tell us about yourself.

Hey there, everyone! I’m Ross Colburn, proud to call Omaha, Nebraska home after growing up in a tight-knit farming community. As an uncle, family bonds are everything to me, and that sense of connection extends to the relationships I build with each of you. With backgrounds in Business and Vocal Music, I bring a blend of creativity and strategic thinking to the table. Beyond the office, you’ll find me lost in a good book, tending to my garden, or joyfully spending time with my nieces and nephews. Plus, as a dog-sitting aficionado, I’ve got plenty of love to go around! Let’s team up and not only tackle your next assignment but also forge friendships that’ll last a lifetime. Let’s make this journey one for the books – together! 🌟🎶📚🌱🐾


What do you love about your position?

What I love about this Nurse Recruiting position is the amazing team that I get to work with. They love travelers and offer their whole hearts to their travelers and that’s the type of person I am.

What drives you at work?

What drives me?  To be honest, I am driven to help Uniti grow as quickly as possible.  They offer so much support to their employees. I’m still in awe of this office space and the community I get to be a part of.

What makes Uniti Med a great destination for potential travelers?

If I was a traveler, I would choose Uniti because I know that my recruiter actually knows who I am.  That recruiter is talking about my goals with their manager and team lead, and they are actually having serious conversations about how this facility would work perfect for them for a variety of reasons. At Uniti I know that I’m not just a number.

What differentiates you from other recruiters?

What makes me different as a recruiter?  I’m the professional that will respect your boundaries and be the recruiter that you need.  If you prefer someone that will be your friend through every day of your assignment, I am excited to be that person.  If you prefer a recruiter that keeps conversations brief and efficient, I’m happy to be that person for you as well.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

If I could travel anywhere, I definitely would go to Prague in the Czech Republic.  The Charles Bridge might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The cobble stones of that bridge are 300 years older than America.

Favorite Quotes:

“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one” – Marcus Aurelius

3 things on your bucket list:

Base jump in the mountains in Utah. Own a horse stable. Build my own log cabin in the country.

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