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New Jersey Implements PT Compact for Enhanced Mobility

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New Jersey recently announced the implementation of the Physical Therapy Compact, granting compact privileges to eligible practitioners effective June 1, 2023. This initiative marks a milestone in improving mobility and expanding professional opportunities for physical therapists across state borders.  

The Physical Therapy Compact is an agreement between member states that improves access to physical therapy services. It enables eligible physical therapists to obtain a compact privilege, which eliminates the need for separate licenses when practicing in other compact member states.

“Previously, physical therapists had to navigate complex and time-consuming licensure processes to practice in multiple states,” said Sara McKean, allied manager at Uniti Med. “This new system streamlines the process, reducing costs and paperwork for the traveler.”  

Benefits of the PT Compact  

The PT Compact offers several benefits, including enhanced mobility, collaborative opportunities, professional growth and expanded access to care.

    • Enhanced Mobility: Physical therapists in New Jersey can now explore job opportunities in other compact member states more easily. This allows them to gain new professional experiences, work in diverse healthcare settings, and address shortages in underserved areas.
    • Collaboration and Professional Growth: Practitioners can engage in collaborative efforts, knowledge sharing, and professional development across a broader network. This fosters a culture of learning and innovation, benefiting individual practitioners and the field of physical therapy.
    • Expanded Access to Care: Furthermore, the implementation of the PT Compact contributes to expanding access to quality healthcare services across state lines. Physical therapists can respond more readily to regional healthcare needs, especially in areas facing shortages of healthcare professionals.

Read the News Release from the PT Compact.   

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