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Recruiter by Day – Traveling Nurse by Night

The Ultimate Nursing Side Hustle

Looking for a nursing side hustle?! One of the biggest benefits of becoming a traveler is flexibility. Bounce around, live where you want, take time off between assignments or pick up a side hustle to maximize your downtime. Uniti Med Traveler and Recruiter, Mackenzie had been traveling for 2 years. Like so many nurses, she had gotten burnt out at bedside during the pandemic and was looking for respite from the hospital. That’s when she was introduced to Uniti Med Partners and an amazing nursing side hustle. Mackenzie started by helping a few friends find their next travel nursing assignment but her list of travelers continues to grow.

Nursing Side Hustle

“I’ve always been able to easily make friends with travelers in the past, there’s a camaraderie to it,” MacKenzie said. “Now, I can give them advice on traveling, recruiters, different companies, and my insider experience. If they choose to work with me as their recruiter, it’s great because our relationship is much more than just recruiter and nurse, we’re friends!”

Mackenzie is currently working at the hospital and doing recruiting on her days off. “One thing I’ve really enjoyed traveling and recruiting with Uniti, is the ability to treat my coworkers! I’ve bought pizza, brought in Crumbl cookies, small things like that. I just try to spoil them for all of the hard work they are doing!”

If you are a nurse looking to travel, we can connect you with an experienced recruiter who has been in your shoes. They can guide you on the right assignment based on personal experience. If you’re looking for a nursing side hustle contact us to learn more about becoming a traveling recruiter.