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Nominate a Nurse Who Deserves to be Celebrated

Thank you to all those who submitted nominations to our 2024 Nominate a Nurse contest. We had so many amazing stories come our way.

Congratulations to our winner, Julie P.! Read her nomination as well as the rest of our amazing nominations below.



Julie is the most amazing nurse I’ve met in my 22 years of nursing. She gives her full attention, effort, expertise, and love to every single patient she meets. Julie is a full time mom, LPN, and RN student. She is always on her feet caring for her patients and helping her peers and their patients too. Julie has a kind word and helping hand for everyone she meets, no matter what the situation is. She is a single mom raising teenagers and attending school full time, I know she is exhausted but she never shows it. I feel my life and nursing career are better for having known her, and our patients always love and speak appreciation for her. She deserves to be recognized for her sacrifice and dedication to the field of nursing and patient care!



Mindy is the kindest, most compassionate and really funniest nurse that I have the privilege to work with. It is always a lively day at work with this firecracker of a human! She honestly cares about her patients and coworkers.



She’s an amazing role model and she’s very dependable.



Not only an LPN but also a Funeral Director. Jason has done more for the living and the dead than most can imagine. He has gone above and beyond, not letting a title dictate who he is and what he’s done define himself.


Her patient care is exceptional. You can tell this is not just a job to her, but she really cares and does what’s best for the patient. Her bedside manner can’t be beat.


Janise is an exceptional nurse, one who goes above and beyond. She’s a team player and leader. She loves caring for people and most of all, she loves her priorities.


Shanna is one of the hardest working nurses I know. She was 1 week away from giving birth and still working 60+ hours per week. She amazes me with her work ethic and quality of work. I have never heard anyone say 1 negative thing about her because she is just that amazing!



Not only is she a hard working widowed mom of 5 kids ages 15-5, my mom also works as a FT nurse. She is an amazing nurse. I’ve been to work with her and see how she treats everyone like family with the love of Jesus. Not to mention she knows her shizzle. She is super smart when it comes to her medical knowledge she even wants to someday be a holistic NP and run her own practice. Mom has dedicated her life to helping everyone else staring as a CNA in highschool at 15 & a nurse by 20. She is always forgetting about her own needs let alone an unnecessary luxury item like an apple watch.



Through it all devastation, abusive relationship, so many life obstacles she’s still a great nurse and wears a smile every time she comes in contact with anybody she the best and has been my shero for a long time



Vickie is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking, and passionate about what she does!


Irene is an amazing NICU RN that never ceases to amaze me! She is knowledgeable, caring, and very passionate about what she does.

Robert "Ian" M.

Ian has worked for Uniti med for over 2 years working 48hrs/wk – he is dedicated, hardworking, and great at what he does!


Andrew is very hardworking and often takes the hardest of hard travel assignments. He is a rockstar!



Jennifer is a caring, passionate nurse who always goes above and beyond. Her dedication to her patients and her work ethic are unmatched!! You can tell she truly loves being a nurse because it shines through how she talks about her job. Jennifer is currently traveling for me up in Alaska and she is nothing shy of the best around!



My nominee deserves to be recognized because she is a mother, wife, and a great Pediatric nurse.



She is an extremely hard working, caring, and thorough nurse. She has over 10 years of experience and has worked in many different settings so she is extremely well rounded. She puts her patients as her top priority and always treats them like family which is why patients love her so much. She inspires me every day with how hard she works!


Melissa has been a dedicated nurse for more than 35 years. She takes her responsibilities as a nurse to the next level. Her experiences have given her the opportunity to be a cardiac nurse in the operating room which in turn moved into a charge nurse position. She collaborates with other professionals to optimize patients’ comfort and families understating.


Team player & excellent care to patients, family and work colleagues. Dedication to nursing.


She’s amazing! She cares for her employees. She’s thorough and understanding! She truly deserves this.


Professional and careful. Brought good care to all patients as a pediatric supervisor.


I have seen Marcos save hundreds of lives in his career. He never buckles under pressure and is always there when you need him. Marcis is highly intelligent and instead of using his talents elsewhere he chooses to save lives. He trains new Nurses Respiratory therapist etc.. without being forced to. He has a plethora of knowledge which he shares every day! Marcos is very professional, curious, caring,, a gentleman and a scholar
He helps educate patients and families to better understand their disease process and what to do to live with it, or remedy it. I haven’t met anyone in this profession more deserving of an award as Marcos Vergez!



He always thinks of others before himself. He is a wonderful nurse that cares and helps not only his family but his work family and his neighborhood family. God made him a nurse because he knew how hard he works and he has such gentle hands! His little boy wants to be just like him!! I nominate Trey Harris for doing such a wonderful job with his career!!



She has been a nurse for 37 years. She goes above and beyond working 60 hours a week with our Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents. She will come in early and stay late if needed. She is the kind of nurse that I want to be when I graduate in 2026.



When I tell you I have never met a nurse like Ty, she truly is the reason I am pushing so hard through nursing school. She loves being a nurse. She is One of those nurses that still wears matching scrubs and she used to work and will stay over until her job is done. She tries very hard to get to know every one of her residents and the people she works with. She doesn’t believe in cutting corners and always says to people that nursing is a hard job but giving 12 hours of yourself to make somebody else feel better or give them a smile and some hope and comfort is the least she can do in this world. I have seen her spend her on money to buy a resident food when dietary has left the building and they are hungry. I have seen her put on many hats and become housekeeping and dietary and management for the sake of her residents. She used to be an CNA And she goes out of her way to make sure that we know we are appreciated and to make sure that we know that we would be great nurses and help us on her own time with our studies. She doesn’t just pass meds either, she will work as a CNA and give care like no other. She doesn’t want accolades for her job because she said it is her job, but if anyone deserves them it’s her. My car was taken from me halfway through nursing school and out of the kindness of her heart she gave me a ride to school two days a week to make sure I didn’t miss class and of course gave me a lecture the whole way there, being a great nurse. She did this for weeks and told me to just keep the gas money for my new car. When a fellow CNA did not have a way to work for a few weeks while their car was in the shop she offered to change her schedule so that she could bring them to work and they didn’t have to miss a day. She has sat with patients that were dying on her off days and after she clocked out because they didn’t have family and no one should die alone. She has worked endlessly through chronic illness, but every time you see her, she has a smile on her face and nice things to say. So when I think of nursing her face is what comes to mind. I think the pandemic made a lot of us tired, but Tyro always says, when you are tired and burnt out and you can’t give anymore, you have to know that walking away and going on break or vacation is more beneficial to both you AND the residents because they don’t deserve you at your worse. She always talks about worklife balance you have to fill your cup in order to pour into others and you can’t pour from an empty cup. She told me that if she had no more left in her cup as a nurse, then that is the day that she would just volunteer sporadically because she gives 100% to her residents when she’s at work and they don’t deserve any less. So please recognize her and I’m sure she is so humble she will say she doesn’t want anybody recognizing her talents in nursing, because she can be shy but She deserves it! Thank you.


Pat is my dialysis nurse. Actually she’s so much more than that. She is my number one supporter! Pat will drop everything to help me with whatever I need. Pat shows she cares by fusing at me when I’m wrong, encouraging me to do better and cheering me on when I do well. Pat has been to my home many times to train me but also to bring me supplies that I forget to order them. It doesn’t matter what time I call or text her she’s always available to me. I’ve known pat for about 20 years, she has never changed. She is still the kindest, smartest most caring person I know. Pat has made being a dialysis patient little less horrible because I know without a doubt she has my back! Please recognize Patricia as an amazing nurse because I’m so very thankful to have her in my life!



Most thoughtful nurse to any and all patients.


Strong mentor, dedicated to her profession and her patients a leader who leads by example not by pressure or words. Patients love her, and her dedication is evident from the minute you walk through our doors.


Angela is the most caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and empathetic nurse I know. Everyone she cares for loves her. She always gives 120%. If you need something she’s there.


This is an amazing nurse, she’s always willing to help where it’s needed. She helps with CNA work and is overall a great nurse. She advocates for her patients and puts them first no matter what.



Jamie is one of the most hardworking nurses I’ve had the pleasure working alongside in my 16 years in healthcare. Not only does she work nearly FT hours but she is also going to school to become an NP. Her work ethic is unmatched and her compassion and ambitious nature is going to make a HUGE difference in healthcare!



She has worked as a Nurse in Dementia Care for 18 years. Much of a Nurses work goes without any recognition and often not even a thank you. This would make her smile. She is having health issues after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I am proud of her hard work, her dedication, and compassion for every single patient. She has also raised 4 kids and still takes care of her husband.



My mother Teresa Nasser (she’s holding the stethoscope) is currently an LPN at Osceola county sheriffs department and this story is still with me back in January 2021, an employee at the sheriff’s department went into cardiac arrest and with her quick thinking she saved his life. To this day she continues to serve Osceola police department as their only nurse. She is amazing and I believe she deserves to be nominated. She is a hard working mother and she rocks at the jail. She takes care of all the inmates and works with the doctors and the CO’s. Working as the only nurse at a jail is hard work and she’s rocking it. She’s amazing and I absolutely love her as a nurse been a nurse for years.



She is currently an LPN (a fantastic one) and has been working 2 jobs and going back to school for her ADN/BSN. She’s had a few hiccups but despite all her obstacles, she hasn’t given up. She always shows up to work with a smile on her face ready to face the night. I’ve watched her struggle both financially and emotionally and she finds the courage and strength to just keep pushing. As a former LPN myself, I know how she feels when other nurses treat her differently because of her title. I would put her up against any floor nurse anytime of day and I have total faith that she would come out on top! She may not win this but I hope that she knows she is special, she’s incredible, and I admire her! She is a true gem and I never neglect to let her know how I love her and lift her up and encourage her as much as possible!



When I was a new nurse, Nurse Robinson made sure that I was trained and knowledgeable about bedside manner, assessments, and leadership. I began to observe the order that she brought to the shift and our assignments. We all have heard of, “Nurses eat their young.” Well, I later found out that Nurse Robinson told the seasoned nurses not to bother me. When I learned that she looked out for me in that way; I totally understood why she was so respected. She gives patient centered care. She is a leader, trainer and one who advocates not only for her patients; but also for the team she is responsible for. I would choose her leadership in a heartbeat.


Joel Marrero is a three time war hero turned healthcare provider. The level of compassion and dedication he carries towards the healthcare profession is exemplary and commendable. Not only does he hold the fastest door to TPA time for effectively managing a stroke, but he is held in a high regard by his colleagues for his exceptional bedside manner, his commitment to delivering a high level of care, and his charismatic personality. Most notably, Joel has worked for several community hospitals taking care of the underserved, other combat veterans, and level 1 traumas. You would be hard pressed to find someone more deserving.


She goes above and beyond, she’s not afraid to step in and help out. I’ve watched her go from CNA to LPN floor nurse to a DON. She has juggled school, having/raising kids, and working. She makes everything look so easy


The most loving and caring African American Women That I Ever Known🥰


Kathleen Robinson has worked at the VA. Mcguire Hunter Holmes in Richmond, VA for 20 yrs. In different areas. She began as a Rn with an Op veeran support satellite team.Then was promoted to Nurse Case Manager overseeing the daily workings of medical support for the Veterans of that same team..Her most recent role is a Rn in Caregivers support. She is working to help Veterans caregivers get the support they need to care for our past and present Veterans. Along with being a nurse she is also raising her 2 grandchildren. So her heart is kind and gentle.



I’ve worked as a nurse over 20 years. As a child my grandmother would tell people that I was her little nurse and I believe I was about 6 years old. My dreams came true 2002 . I love my job I have worked with so many people and they often ask how can you keep that smile on your face, I tell them it’s the God in me. To be a great nurse you have to have the heart.


I saw her work hard and strong as a telehealth RN taking care of Emory Covid patients during the COVID crisis. She was a social worker and a disease manager during this time while managing her Emory COVID patients that had so very many needs to be met.. She would tell me stories of how she helped patients and helped to also save lives. During this same period of time she also took care of her Mother who had dementia and gave her all the needed attention until her Mother’s death. She buried her Mother and brother on the same day in 2020. She returned to the operating room post covid as a traveling RN. Now she desires to help others as a health coach and share her knowledge for disease prevention and management. She has worked as a volunteer in the community/ church ministry helping others.


She deserve to be recognized because this is her 1st year being a nurse and she does better then nurses that been a nurse for years. She love her patient and very compassionate about her job.


She is a loyal, dedicated, caring , dependable and hard worker. She works double shifts and has covered many shifts to meet the facility needs.


She is my wife. And she is 77 yrs old. I had a stroke 8 yrs ago. She not only cares for me she still works as a nurse. Brenda has been a nurse over 54 yrs. You can tell she loves her profession.


Very Hard working Dedicated Single Mom With A Son In college! She works countless hours/days with Compassionate Care. She Run Charge Nurse she knows How to get in and Handle Any situations with Patients, Staff , & Family members. Lydia wear many Different hats in her life. She has a Beautiful Granddaughter She absolutely Love, Help her Daughter In Any way she can As A Mom and Grandmother. She has A Love in what she do I Believe Lydia Lewis Deserves .🙏🏽❤️



She deserves to recognized because she always goes above and beyond for her patients and her family she has overcame many obstacles and she takes it all in stride she never asks or wants anything I feel like she deserves to know that her patients and her family love appreciate her she always says that nursing is her calling and not a career her strong faith is what keeps her going she is well deserving to recognized.