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Five Reasons Why Travelers Choose Uniti Med

Choosing the right agency for your travel healthcare journey is crucial. Making an informed decision ensures that the path aligns with your professional goals and lifestyle.

At Uniti Med, we recognize the importance of selecting the perfect partner for your healthcare travel journey. Finding the right staffing agency is a decision that impacts your career trajectory. Time after time, healthcare professionals from various backgrounds, including seasoned veterans, recent graduates, parents balancing work and family, and those seeking career transitions, choose Uniti Med for their travel healthcare assignments.

Five Impressive Benefits of Uniti Med

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your healthcare journey, Uniti Med is committed to providing you with an exceptional experience. Here are five of the many reasons why healthcare professionals choose Uniti Med.

1. Day 1 Health Insurance

Day 1 Health InsuranceYour well-being is a priority from the start. Uniti Med offers you Day 1 Health Insurance, a unique benefit for our healthcare travelers. This offering ensures your health coverage kicks in from the very first day of your assignments.

Imagine starting your next travel assignment with the peace of mind that comes from immediate coverage – a proactive approach that not only safeguards your physical health but also ensuring a stress-free and seamless start to your adventure.

“At Uniti Med, we understand the importance of immediate coverage, providing peace of mind and security for our travelers as they navigate their assignments.”

– Chris Sund, President and COO, Uniti Med

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2. Ranked #2 Travel Nursing Company

Uniti Med secured the second spot on BluePipes’ prestigious list of Top Travel Nursing Companies. This accolade is a testament to the exceptional care and dedication we provide to our travel nurses. We are honored to be highly regarded by those who travel with us.

3. Employee Assistance Program

We prioritize your well-being beyond the physical aspects of healthcare. Uniti Med offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) tailored specifically for our travelers. The EAP offers a comprehensive range of services, including counseling sessions, legal support, financial guidance, and more, ensuring that your mental and emotional health is also taken care of.

4. Committed to Excellence

Uniti Med proudly upholds the gold standard of ethical business practices in the travel healthcare industry as a member of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations. Our commitment to excellence and integrity provides a foundation of trust and peace of mind for our travelers throughout every assignment.

5. Culture of Care and Dedication

Our team of recruiters, client managers, compliance specialists and administrative support play a pivotal role in shaping an extraordinary culture. Leadership places genuine care for employees and the community at the forefront, cultivating an environment that truly elevates your traveler experience. This emphasis on culture goes beyond just being a part of a team; it ensures that you are a cherished member of a supportive and caring community.

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