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About Dominique

Dominique is a skillfully, accomplished Registered Nurse that has 9 years of experience in various nursing fields with a bachelor’s degree of science in nursing. She has been married to her husband James for almost 2 years and has a son James IV, who also goes by JT.

Her goal is to build long-lasting relationships with providers and exceed their needs, desires, and expectations. In her spare time, Dominique likes to spend quality time taking family trips, cooking new meals for her family and others, and enjoying intense spin classes. Born in Chicago, IL, raised in Omaha, NE. Something not too many people can say is, I have my own personal pilot who can truly fly me anywhere, aka my husband.

Her Why:

Our company has strong values: integrity, respect, community, and grit, that all align with my beliefs. My co-workers truly care about every provider overall as a human being. I want to teach my kid/s that it is important to be a caring and kind person because you don’t truly know what a person is facing in their life.

Favorite Quotes:

“Walk by faith and not by sight.”

Bucket List Item:

To see the 7 wonders of the World