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Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I have been a recruiter in the Allied division for 5.5 years now and I have loved every minute of being able to help Caregivers, Facilities, and Patients across the nation! I am a mother to 2 beautiful little girls and my bonus boy! My fiancé and I get married on 09/21/2024 and we love to ride motorcycles in our free time between gymnastics, football, wrestling, and soon to be cheer! The lake is our happy place in the summer. I am a die-hard Husker football & volleyball fan and my family has held season tickets since the early 90’s.


What do you love about your position?

I love building relationships within this industry! I think it is truly amazing that I get to talk to healthcare professionals that quite literally save lives every single day. Not a ton of us in the world get to say and I have made so many friendships around the country over the years and I hold all of that near and dear to my heart! 


What drives you at work?

My work environment and team helps keep me motivated when times are tough and I am so thankful for the culture and community here at Uniti Med! 


What makes Uniti Med a great destination for potential travelers?

We truly lead with heart and the best interest of each caregiver that chooses Uniti!


What differentiates you from other recruiters?

I think the thing that differentiates me from other recruiters, is that I genuinely care about each person I work with. I want to make sure you are happy, healthy, and living out your dreams – whatever those may be! I have worked with travelers who have been with me for 4+ years and I pride myself on the relationship & friendship that we have developed under common ground! 


If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?



Favorite Quotes:

“Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful” – Annette Funicello 
“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does” – William James
“It’s funny how things don’t work out…. It’s funny how they do” – Sweet Home Alabama 


3 things on your bucket list:

Visit Italy 
Change someone’s life monetarily 
Ride my own motorcycle one day