MacKenzie Fisher

Abby Goodijohn

Nurse Recruiter

O: 402-275-6322

M: 402-709-3285

Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I’m Abby. I am new to recruiting but LOVE the people I work with and work for. I am driven by making peoples lives better, finding them a job, housing, whatever the case may be!

What makes Uniti Med a great destination for potential travelers?

Uniti Med is a great place for potential travelers to work because the people here truly care about who comes through the database.

What differentiates you from other recruiters?

What differentiates me? I LOVE PEOPLE! I thrive in talking to and being around people, creating relationships and everything that comes along with it.

Favorite Quotes:

Everything happens for a reason and is meant for you.

3 things on your bucket list:

travel abroad with my family
take all my kids on a cruise to the Caribbean (all of them together this time!)
retire with a house full of corgis

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